December 25, 2011
Merry Christmas!

I will do a new resolution thing on New Year’s Eve so let me look back this year’s past events today. Well, I graduated from Japanese Language Institute on March, got my translation job, increased the amount of my students yet again and entered a new school and met new people.

While I was at the institute this year, everyday was pretty much uneventful after I passed my N1 exam. Well, mostly because my classmates are absent. I can’t even pick a fight even if I want to…Wait, actually I did. Well, I was not the one who started it but I somehow got pulled in as well. It ended pretty well for me because even though I was still pissed at the girl who makes drama out of every little thing, I tried to understand her. She was probably brought up in a home where her parents loves her and spoils her so much that she just does whatever she wants. So she’s not used to people saying anything bad about her at all. And I tried to understand and be patient with her. Because if I didn’t, she would probably be decomposing somewhere in the desert.

I met a lot of new people this year. I see a little bit more of myself in the others. It’s like looking into the mirror and the more I look, the more I discover about myself. So yes, observing the others has been my recent hobby (no, it’s not stalking). I experienced dating this year, for the very first time. It didn’t go well. It was mostly my fault because I didn’t really think about anything when he confessed to me. I simply agreed out of sympathy. Lesson learned : Sympathy is not equal to like. Lesson taught : She’s nice to everyone, not just you.

Overall, this year went by pretty fast. Mostly because I was concentrating too much on my studies and work that… other memories seem kinda vague to me. Well, that’s all for now I guess. I gotta go hibernate because it’s damn cold over here.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. To Santa : Happiness for my family & friends, teachers & rivals, animals I love, victims of the earthquake in Japan this year (you guys did well!) please. I can give you my faith in exchange.

Your’s solemnly,

Bitter Rabbit.

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